Thursday, November 12, 2009


The Mayoon ceremony is a pre-wedding custom where the bride enters into a state of solitude seven to fifteen days before the wedding but nowadays brides are not put into seclusions, they go out for shopping for their wedding stuff. they want to get married as they want to, so I feature some fantastic ideas for the brides what to choose for their wedding. Mainly yellows and greens were used for mayoons but nowadays girls want to try something new, they wear different colors.
one can try shades of pinks like shown below:

theyre may be blues,
and greens
(pictures added only for information)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Talking About DRESSES
Dressing vary time to time and occasion to occasion . one wearing any shocking color dress on a funeral, or spike heels or sneakers wore for interview will definitely look odd.

Going for a wedding, one can wear eye shocking and eye cathing colours.
nowadays people go for very funky colors for the weddings specially in Pakistan. According to tradition and customs of Pakistan, there are many functions before the big day. There is mayoon, dholki, mehendi ,then barat and then walima.people start celebrating a month or a half before the day, so dresses are according to the events.